Professor Brian Salter  

Professor Brian Salter is the Research Convenor for the Department of Political Economy and responsible for its research strategy. He is the Director of the Global Biopolitics Research Centre.

As a political scientist specialising in the analysis of public policy, Brian has studied the political forces at work in the policy arenas of education, health and, most recently, the life sciences. Here he is focusing on the politics of new health technologies and the international governance issues associated with the global competition between nation states for innovative advantage in the knowledge economies of the future.

Currently Brian is exploring the political challenges posed by the emergence of China, India and Brazil as the 'Rising Powers' in the global biomedical economy. Current research includes projects funded by the ESRC and the EU FP7 Programme. Closely associated with Brian's academic work is his role as policy adviser to government, funding agencies, professional and international bodies and ethical adviser to the European Framework Programmes.

An experienced flight instructor and flight examiner, Brian is the only professor in the UK to have flown a World War II Spitfire and crash landed a civilian aircraft at Williams Air Force Base in the United States.